The Future is Now

The Guardian has just published his 2018/19 statutory financial results: Digital Revenues are growing and overrating the revenues from Print. In my humble opinion, this result comes from the correct interpretation of a simple rule regarding News Media: the trade-off between identity and usefulness. People are willing to pay news media because they feel part of its values (identity) or because they feel it useful (usefulness). The Guardian has been able to transmit to their readers this feeling on both sides. Other News media like New York Times or Axel Springer have reached this target stressing the useful part (New York Times by his exceptional and unique coverage of News, Axel Springer instead thanks to useful services that have few relations with news, but much more with classified advertising). The evidence of The Guardian strategy is the weight that has digital revenues from contributions and not only from subscriptions. Reading the document you can find that two key factors have allowed this success: the investments in digital and employee involvement.

Here the Guardian Annual ReportĀ