News for Young People isn’t for Everyone.

It’s a mantra of every newsroom or publisher that young people don’t buy news and it’s a very tough audience to serve. Actually young people never have bought news, the spending of young generations compared to adult and older people has been always reduced, also for a trivial reason of spending capacity. But nevertheless the interest in what was commonly considered as news was common to previous generations. But today something is changed, Young people are no more interested in what traditional news brands see news as: what you should know. Young audiences see news as: what you should know (to an extent), but also what is useful to know, what is interesting to know, and what is fun to know. A truly interesting report from Reuter Institute “How Young People Consume News” shows very clear this evolution. The distribution of the Apps in a Smartphone itself reveals the approach of new generations towards news. And in this iconic image shows the Apps ordered by the average number of minutes per day spent on the app (when present on a user phone). You can find the full report at this address