News Sources among Young People.

An old refrain in the traditional publishers and newsroom was that deliver digital content was a way to reach young and fresh audiences. Splitting in this way their audiences simply using a different channel: older on the broadcast and press, younger on digital. Nothing more wrong today. Recent research from the Reuters Institute shows how Public Services in Europe like BBC in the UK, or RAI in Italy fall in reaching, thanks to online services, a different audience from their current broadcast audiences. In other words, in my humble opinion, It’s happening in the media environment what already happens in retail where the concept of Omnichannel distribution means more reach the same customer in different contexts than reach a different kind of customers in a different situation. If I’m a Zara customer I will never become a Brooks Brother customer and the other way around. In the same way in media, multiplying channels (press/digital or broadcast/digital) isn’t becoming a way to serve different audiences, but more a way to serve the same audiences in a different context. Here the link to the Reuters Report